Bielefeld Carnival Celebrates Its Golden Carnival

Bielefeld Carnival Celebrates Its Golden Carnival

STE479On Saturday, 04 June 2016,  2,000 participants wearing imaginative costumes and colourful masks will take to the streets of Bielefeld as the city celebrates 20 years of carnival.

inspired by Notting Hill Carnival, Bielefeld Carnival sees itself as a common practice of artists of all disciplines and actors from the socio-cultural scene, children, young people, natives and immigrants.

The novelty is that topics are chosen by the groups that deal with their roots, the past, present and future.

The Carnival is not only limited to the event of the parade. Many groups are planning and dealing for months with the implementation of their subjects. Some Few decide rather spontaneously for participation, which is reflected in the artistic accomplishment, or in the presentation.

With changing annual themes such as: “The Spirit of Friendship”, “For creativity and tolerance”, “People Need People”, “Artists, Makers, Movers, Shakers”, “Dialogue of Cultures” since 1997 finds the Carnival of Cultures in Bielefeld instead of.

The Carnival brings innovative, contemporary art in the city, he must be a fixed colour, diversity, international understanding and to test and experiment. He wants to give the athletes a public stage and particularly young participants of a window of opportunity to find their own style and their unique expressiveness.

Beyond sometimes encrusted cultural activities trying artists and laymen interdisciplinary areas such as music, dance, costume and mask making, theatre and performance, to see with new eyes and to create cultural forms, which deal with a changing Europe and a more global world.

The Carnival of Cultures is a “cultural festival from below”. Groups of independent cultural work, schools, clubs, initiatives, people of different social and cultural backgrounds, from more than 40 countries have come together to develop a distinctive identity in the region. Whether young or old, the Carnival is for everyone who want a piece of impact and quality of life to win back. The whole city becomes a stage, the sky for a backdrop. The common approach is to learn to understand other cultures and to invent new forms of cultural expression.

Every year, the assets will acquire a new theme and build, choreograph or compose on the content of their choice. Some groups face the task of implementing a multi-year continuous production of a broader thematic complex. The choice of topics is unlimited. You can evolve from history, philosophy, culture, mythology or social contexts. Select other groups abstract, humorous or playful topics. The groups that deal seriously with this new art form rely solely on their own imagination and initiative.