Looking Back At The Soca Industry In The UK Pt 1

TBJBreaking into the mainstream entertainment industry as a music artist is hard enough without the added pressures of being an artist for one of the least recognised music genres in the UK. But up-and-coming UK soca artist Rodell Sorzano aka Triniboi Joocie is taking the UK by storm.

He’s become one of the most wanted UK soca artists,  after blowing away the crowd at the first Calo Festival. He’s performed at Notting Hill Carnival band launches and  became a Semi-finalist in the International Soca Monarch. Born in Trinidad, Triniboi Jooice grew up here in the UK, which is why he became a UK soca artist and  annually competes in the UK Soca Monarch competition.

“What engaged me into soca, was that I was always involved with culture, it played a heavy role for me everything I do is based around culture and I looked into soca in the UK and the first person that popped up and I heard a lot about was chardinai and I liked her vibe because it was fast. And I said to myself there isn’t anybody here that really represents soca in the UK so I said this is something that I want to look into” says Triniboi Jooice.

He admits that the journey is hard but not because of musical competition “the reason why I aimed to do it in the UK is because I believe we need something or a song to say THIS IS UK soca cause I can easily go back to Trinidad as I did and perform but that don’t mean nothing because there’s a million of them back in Trinidad tryna fight for that whereas in the UK people aren’t happy to promote us UK soca they only like Trinidad soca or Barbados soca, we’re on the outside tryna get in but I’m a UK soca artist and I proud, I’m happy to push that.”

Triniboi Jooice is part of the growing number of UK soca artist trying to expand the soca scene in the UK. Two years ago the first ever UK soca monarch competition took place with only ten artists including Triniboi Joocie, Nikisha, Muzik lil Muzic and the first ever UK soca monarch winner Soca Johnny. Since the end of 2009 the UK soca scene has bloomed. The scene has changed immensely over the years as we are seeing more promoters and events booking the UK artists, as well as be UK soca artists being recognised in the International Soca Awards.

But the lack of knowledge about soca music in general in the UK let alone actual UK soca makes it even harder for people like Triniboi Jooice, who falls into the new category soca artists.

To Be Continued…..

Check out his latest single Look Back

Author – Ayo K Flagz