DJ Complex

DJ Complex

Complex, 1/3 of leading sound Deep clarity has been in the dj business for over 15 years, in his sound Deep Clarity he is looked at as the bridge as he can not only dj but he is known for being very effective on the microphone.

Even though he is comfortable playing all genres to a high standard hip hop and r&b is where he really shines and he has displayed this in the clubs and on his various mixtapes.

What Complex brings to the table is great mixing, selection and his most important asset is his energetic personality what easily connects him to people of all walks of life.

So just know anytime you hear or see Complex if that’s on radio or the clubs you will know you are going to have a great entertaining time seeing him DJ or hearing him on the microphone!

Join him every Thursday for the DJ Compz Show from 10pm playing the best in RnB and HipHop