Babbzy vs Trini Trent

Babbzy vs Trini Trent


It seems like two of the Caribbean’s biggest youtube bloggers are going head-to-head over soca music.

Babbzy the Bajan “foul-mouthed” blogger who usually posts comedic videos of issues that many people from the Caribbean diaspora can relate too, has put out a video in which her fans see an emotional side to the fiesty Bajan

Babbzy posted a response to Trini Trent’s video: ‘Trinidad Fights for Soca’ in which he addresses comments such as“soca isn’t from Trinidad” and “Grenada & Barbados are the biggest soca producers”.

Trent is well known for his blunt reviews on music, from Beyoncé’s latest song formation to the International Soca Monarch finals. And like most reporters Trent’s comments sometimes upsets people.

In this video Trent calls out Babbzy calling her a “young lady from Toronto, she’s not west Indian born and raised in Toronto to parents who are from Barbados” for her views on Lil Rick and his role in the Soca Dancehall movement.

Now we all know Babbzy does not play, so when her fans pointed her in Trent’s direction she responded in a true Babbzy fashion, making a response video. Where she tells Trent “You will not make money in blogging at all with this exclusion talk” and questions why he’s bringing up artists from 1950.

She calls for him to stop pulling down Trinidadian artists and stand behind them, she points out that this is the reason why soca music hasn’t gone global because of the segregation.

In this 13-minute video you hear the anger in Babbzy’s voice as she addresses the points made in Trent’s video.

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