Miss Barbados UK Press Party

Miss Barbados UK Press Party

On the 3rd of March 2016 Miss Barbados UK, (MBUK) held a press party, where members of the press were invited to come and meet the contestants and view their artwork.

MBUK is a competition that celebrates young women in the UK with Bajan heritage, it looks at their beauty, creativity and the work they’re doing within the Bajan community. Here are all 8 contestants in the final.

Contestant number 1, Rose Goddard aged 19

Contestant number 2, Quesha Nicholls aged 29

Contestant number 3, Amie Mayers, aged 26

Contestant number 4 Karina Jemmott aged 24

Contestant number 5 Tamar Small aged 18

Contestant number 6 Sheree Miller aged 19

Contestant number 7 Vivienne Braithwaite aged 32

Contestant number 8 Lee-Anne Willoughby aged 24

Here’s what contestant number 3, Amie Mayers aged 23 had to say, “I grew up as a tom boy, and growing up I didn’t really know how to embrace my girly side. But growing up I have learnt how to do that. I run a charity called Ishmael Aaron Charities and we have run several projects in Barbados”.

“I chose to enter Miss Barbados UK because the requirements aren’t strict, I like how they embrace the everyday Bajan woman no matter what your skin or your weight is. The girls here so far are amazing, when we’re out together at workshops everyone is so down for each other, we crack a lot of jokes and just vibes of each other”.

During the Press Party all 8 contestants had the chance to pitch their paintings, which was related to disorders, mental illnesses and disabilities. A few examples were ADHD, Autism and Schizophrenia. Each painting’s were sold to the audience where the money was given to a chosen charity of the contestant’s choice.

Sound good? Don’t worry if you missed out, the final is on the 7th May 2016 and you are invited.

Check out the link below to purchase your tickets.


See you there! Tee Bellot x