Radar Stanna: King of UK Dancehall?

Radar Stanna: King of UK Dancehall?

After a successful launch party earlier on this year for his single sensimenia it was only right I catch up with the man himself and see wha gwan.

Radar Stanna is a UK dancehall artist with a distinctive sound and amazing talent not to mention the thick accent. Radar (real name Dominic Spencer) is from Waterhouse Jamaica and currently resides London. The 23year old who celebrates his birthday today career took off at the tender age of 16 and has been growing ever since. At first glance Radar comes across as the shy and quiet type but seeing him live reveals the loud hyper and very flirtatious man that is chilling within. I wanted to know if there was a difference between the person and the artist, well I didn’t even get the question out before I got my answer “No, Dominic is Radar and Radar is Dominic, what you see is what you get through and through you zimme”

Something that had me very curious was the name Radar Stanna and where it came from. Turns out like every great artist it was given to him by those closest to him, I couldn’t help but laugh when he told me the story. No matter the time day or location Radar was always the first person to spot a woman (even if she hadn’t emerged from around the corner just yet) he was like a female radar; the stanna came after as an add on due to the artist style that always brings a presence.

Radar started singing and performing at a young age and he was the last person realise his potential. Radar had a lot of support from friends family and local DJs, now he knows his talent there is no stopping him as he releases tune after tune. Drawing influence from the likes of Vybz Kartel, Tarrus Riley, Beres Hammond and many more. There is a striking vocal resemblance between Radar Stanna to the artist Alkaline. Even though Radar’s strong suit is Bashment the artist covers a variety of styles including RnB Rap hip hop and even a little bit of soca.

Radars latest song entitled sensimenia gained over 1000 views in its first two weeks of release which has also follow up remix featuring Trenz, Demz Stulla and Tina Tammi.

Like all talented artist Radar has had his fair share of disappointment with false promises being the hardest part of his career “There’s always people who act like they want to do you good but they’re all talk and nothing to show, false promises and lies because they don’t want to see you get anywhere.” “It’s my love and passion for music that keeps me going as well as the people I have around me, big up DJ Shadz, Peniel, Remy Martinz, Mighty yuh Zimme, they keep me grounded and the support is always there”

When Radars not blazing it up on stage or in the booth he’s watching DragonBall Z or spending time with the family and of course burning that sweet senseminia, So from us here at flagz have a great birthday and tun up.

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And my personal favorite Whine don’t stop

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