Soca Road March UK: DeeVine

Soca Road March UK: DeeVine

10957581_786861418066725_1069911398508418802_nNothing like some Nandos to kick of a good interview, well for me anyway, as the soca princess DeeVine is not a fan of the South African – Portuguese influenced franchise (Shocker!!)

The Bajan born beauty moved to England at the age of 6and has been a resident ever since. DeeVine (real name Denise) originally received her name from a male friend whoperceived her to have a slightly divarish attitude.

Deevine started out by doing backing vocals and writing material for various artist primarily in the RnB genre and then moved onto backing vocals on soca riddims. Still writing for multiple artists Deevine has furthered her own experiences by collaborating with the likes of Gage and UK afrobeats artist Bace.

Appreciating the work of other great artist such as Tarrus Riley and Destra, Deevine strives for perfection and consistency with a mind to stay real.Deevine

Dee vine is a regular contender of the Road march and enjoys producing something new every year and pushing the soca scene Denise submitted her track Whining Queen (W10 riddim) which was influenced by her view on the soca scene and it being male dominated feeling it was time for a female to give the orders and give centre stage and she’s just the whining queen to do it. DeeVines personality is strongly reflected in her music which can be describes as fun, exciting, rude and flirtatious. She oozes confidence when performing on stage and can be seen as second to none similar to fellow artist and influence Destra.

The sassy lady enters the road march each year with the intention of promoting the UK soca scene and the quality of music it has to offer but this year she’s going for the gold. The song Si dung & work was entered as a secondary choice and a phenomenal on at that.

Devine does what she does for the love and passion she has but what also keeps her going is her children. Stating they are her biggest fans and showing unconditional support and looking up to her it’s no wonder she stays strong.

Deevine is currently working on a mixtape that we can expect soon which will hopefully be followed on by an album. In a quest to be a full time entertainer and household name Deevine will continue to work on her own music and write for others whilst performing overseas.

Her words of wisdom to other artist new and old “Study your craft and learn the business, research your trade and the people you work with.”

Interesting Fact:  Deevine is scared of balloons

Written by Presh-RP Majestic