Soca Road March UK: Ruff Winer

Soca Road March UK: Ruff Winer


After a lengthy wait along strolled Mr Ruff Winer himself.

My first thoughts were “why he acing all shy?” but after introductions he visibly began to relax. Ruff Winer originally known as Underage Winer is a fresh new face on the soca scene. Currently residing in south London, Ruff aims to know no boundaries where his music can reach all.

Ruff was born in London and raised between the UK and the Island of Barbados. With an accent of a typical Londoner it disappears when time to hit studio (that could just be the help of the rum). Underage winer started out by back up dancing for various different artist, he then realised his potential to be in the lime light and there started his career as a solo soca artist. His attitude to music changed around the age of seven when Ruff fell in love with soca.

Exposer grew quickly reaching airways as close Manchester and Scotland and as far as the home island of Barbados. Performance opportunities arose such as Huddersfield and Berlin carnival and of course Crop Over.Kesean FINB

Ruff Winer’s latest track and entry for the Road March is Whistle, inspired by the whistle massive at carnival and the infectious atmosphere. He describes his style of music as a risk in more elements than one from structure to execution.

Ruff entered the Road March as another way to push his music and UK soca music, he see it as his contribution to the UK soca scene. I asked if he believed he had what it took to win the Road March and he comfortable answered “Yes, the song nice”

“Seeing the smiles on peoples face and their reaction to my music is what keeps me going from day to day, I have a lot of material cooking, so yes there will be an album and maybe a few cross overs” Ruffs main goal is to entertain internationally, producing short videos  and dominate the stage.

Drawing the interview to a close I stuck to tradition and asked one random question which was “if you could choose one soca artist to be mayor of London who would you choose? Ruff replied “Soca Johnny because he has such a good vibe and is always pushing people to do good and be the best they can be” (I’m assuming this is from personal experience)

For a man terrified of roller-coaster and heights he is defiantly aiming for higher heights and deeper depths. Keep an Eye out for the fresh young
talent that is Ruff Winer


By Presh-RP Majestics