Soca Road March UK: Terrah Dan

Soca Road March UK: Terrah Dan

IMG_3867I had the pleasure of gate-crashing a studio session of a well known popular UK soca artist Terrah Dan; excitement and curiosity rushed through me as I approached the studio, having never met Terrah imagine my surprise when a handsome young man with a boyish grin met me.

The 25 year old Bajan native, who was raised between England and Barbados, has been making music since he was a young boy back in Barbados. The name Terrah Dan came when he was younger because he used to terrorize family members, friends and of course the ladies. People started calling him a Terror and since then the name stuck with him and became the stage name that we know by. . Music has always been a huge part in his life, having played various instruments from a young age, studying music at all levels including GCSE, university and music production courses he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

The drive came when Terrah heard a Bajan dancehall track and thought, “I can do better than that” The on-going dispute seen regularly between the UK artists and the DJs is getting the DJs to play their music on radio shows and at fetes. Terrah has fallen into this cycle, as this has become one of the challenges in his career as a UK soca artist, compared to when he releases his music in Barbados as he currently has three tracks playing on radio out there.

Drawing inspiration from another UK soca artist, Triniboi Jooice, he says, “Because he’s the pinnacle, he’s what I want to be and wterrhere I want to be.” “He’s making hit after hit and I’m happy for him, I just wana be on that path” Although one of his biggest icons is fellow Bajan Lil Rick, Terrah would love to work with Mary J Blige, stating that he “loves her vocal range” a soca collaboration with the queen of R’n’B would be a formidable sound to be reckoned with.

This is the first time that he will be entering the UK Road March competition, having been introduced to the UK soca market by Natia Daniel and has been having an amazing response from people. This promoted him to apply this year’s competition with his latest track ‘Soca4Life’, which he has a lot of confidence in since its release.

‘Soca4 Life’ is a track that was made in one day, the inspiration for this song came to him last year while he was at “Notting Hill Carnival when I looked out into the masses and saw they (the people) all had something in common which was soca”. The song, which talks about the large UK cites such as Manchester, Luton, London and Leicester unifying to uplift the soca genre. The beat that was produced by Riddim Up Productions is energetic and refreshing.

By Presh-RP Majestics