The Carnival Community Pulls Together For Grenfell Tower

The Carnival Community Pulls Together For Grenfell Tower

In the early hours on the 14th of June residents in Grendell Tower, Latimer, were woken up to find that their build was on fire. The fire started in one flat and spread across the whole building within minutes, leaving the whole community in devastation.

News of the fire spread quickly with many local residents, religious groups and community centers setting up refuge centers for the victims of the fire. Also collecting donations and volunteering at different help points were members of the carnival community.

Flagz Mas Band members Sonya and Mo were at the Rugby Portbello trust, helping sort out and distribute clothes as well as collection a money donation from band members to help buy clean underwear for the victims as there was a lack in underwear donations.

A money donation was also given to Nina Howard of NAS Exotic Foods to give out provisions at Laytmer Christian Center and Acklam Village Market before heading back to Laytmer later in the evening.

Slough band member Leagh-Simone Herbert also drove down to volunteer, handing out bottles of water to people who had been affected by the fire.

Funatiks mas band also collected a donation from their bands, former Choice FM DJ Martin Jay used the donations to provide water, toiletries and some clothes for the victims.

Tony UrbanSmash spent the whole day volunteering at different help points during the day, using his facebook page to keep people up-to-date on what was needed so that centers didn’t have to turn away donations and ensuring that the relevant items were brought to the right place.

DJ Remstar used his social media to round up some more volunteers and headed down to Laitmer Road where they were helping distribute clothes, food and drink.

These are just a small handful of examples of different people within the carnival community taking time out of their schedules to help the Grenfell Tower victims.

To find out how to help or for any donations please contact the centers directly.IMG-20170615-WA0003